Who We Are

Who Will Hear My Cry (WWHMC) is a charity that works to raise awareness around child abuse, rape, domestic violence and sexual exploitation.

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What We Do

We work in the area of prevention through education with young people, to minimise the risk of domestic violence, rape or abuse by challenging myths, preconceptions and building self awareness and confidence.

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How You Help

You give an extra person a voice; their cry is heard through your support of our mission to help put a STOP to rape, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and domestic violence.

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Silent Auction

We are pleased to announce that our charity silent auction is now LIVE for bidding!

Please see the link below where you can find a list of our Silent Auction prizes and can begin bidding.

Before bidding, you will need to register, and you can do this by clicking the link:


Once you have registered, there are two easy ways to begin bidding; by sending a text with the ITEM NUMBER and AMOUNT to 88850 (For example: 101 500), or by clicking the link in your registration text or registration email which will take you through to your personal bidding page.

Good luck, and thank you for supporting Who will hear me cry.


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Skye Alexandra House

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