About Us


Who Will Hear My Cry (WWHMC) is an organisation that works to raise awareness around child abuse, rape, domestic violence and sexual exploitation.

We are a UK based organization but also work across continents to spread our message that the sexual lives of individuals is important and must be taken care of within our communities, laws and those responsible for protecting our society.

WWHMC promotes and champions the rights of women, children and young adults to preserve and protect sexual innocence and promote sexual safety. We believe that everybody, especially children, have the right to have their emotional and sexual boundaries respected and protected.

By addressing social and cultural issues around child abuse, domestic violence and rape, we seek to implore individuals, communities and the public at large to recognize the need for better sexual awareness on healthy relationships and sexual boundaries. Our desire is for those responsibilities to be taken seriously in order to minimize the risks that contribute to the sexual vulnerability and exploitation of others.

At WWHMC, we believe that working in the area of prevention through education, particularly with boys, can greatly impact and help minimize the likelihood of them becoming perpetrators of abuse such as domestic violence in the future. Our awareness and preventative workshops greatly assists in helping young people to make choices about their actions and the effects their actions have on others far more effectively than after abuse of any kind has taken place.

Yes we recognise that men and boys are victims too, but statistically, women and girls suffer from domestic violence at a much higher rate. Every week a woman will lose her life at the hands of a partner or ex-partner and this is why we have chosen to focus on these dynamics to raise awareness and assist in prevention of abuse.

Why We Started

Who Will Hear My Cry was founded to give back the voice women, children and young adults have had silenced through abuse.

We give a voice to empower, to allow women and children to take control of their lives and to understand that their experience doesn’t have to define or dictate their future.

Rape, domestic violence and sexual abuse are all thieves of the soul; abuse robs people by stealing the very core and essence of who they are.

If victims are not supported by the right people, organizations, communities, education system, laws and anyone else that has a responsibility to inform and protect – they will be lost.

It is not uncommon for victims of abuse to self harm, struggle to form intimate relationships or suffer from depression and other forms of mental illness – and this is just a few of what some victims live with. With the right kind of early intervention in the form of support and counselling, the effects of abuse can be significantly reduced, transitioning a person from victim to victor.

Our Mission

Public comment, inform, champion and advocate for change for the welfare and safeguarding of vulnerable and at risk groups.

Empower young people, families and communities with information to challenge, change and correct ways of thinking that assists in aiding and abetting abuse and violence.

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