What we do


Support victims of any type of abuse to speak out if they wish to do so. If they aren’t ready we continue to take a supportive role until they are.

Conduct informative, fun and interactive workshops for young people around sexual safety, understanding the sexual grooming process, self-confidence and other useful tools that push the agenda on prevention and awareness.

Assist victims of rape, domestic violence, psychological abuse, child abuse and child sexual exploitation, to seek help through confidential counselling.

Visit educational establishments to raise awareness on abuse, perform motivational talks and conduct bespoke workshops

Provide counselling and psychotherapy services to help people work through their experiences, enabling them to feel supported and better able to live life after any type of abuse.

Raise awareness in hard to reach groups via TV, radio, social media and public speaking at events both in the UK and other countries.

Provide mentoring and coaching for young people and mediation and family support services.

Please go to our Emergency Contact list for useful numbers and more information.

Abuse is NEVER the fault of the victim irrespective of the type of abuse they have suffered or how long it has gone on for. It may be that the abuse has happened in the past – it doesn’t matter.

It’s very important that we are supportive and understanding towards victims of abuse when giving advice or offering support.

Safeguarding children is EVERYONE’S responsibility. If you think a child is at risk, SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT, REPORT IT!



The Diamond Within

This is a workshop is designed towards 12 to 17 year girls, teaching them about the benefits of maintaining their sexual integrity, self confidence, understanding their self worth, the power of choice, navigating and avoiding harmful friendships and relationships, being able to identify and understand the grooming process to abuse and domestic violence and sexual exploitation. This workshop is run from the Anglo Educational Services premises in Russell Square in Central London. Our Diamond will be equipped to make better judgment calls regarding their associations, will be less inclined to seek validation through others and will understand that the power of choice really is theirs to possess.


What Is Her Name?

This is a workshop for boys and young men from 13 to 21, teaching on the enablers of domestic violence and rape. We address the myths of rape, interpreting body language, understanding what a girl really means when she says ‘NO!’ and the sense of responsibility that each young man has to himself and other girls and young women. This workshop is being run from the summer of 2016 in partnership with Voyage as part of their Youth Leadership Program. We expect our students to commit to respecting the sexual boundaries of others and also understanding the benefits of maintaining sexual integrity.


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Did you Know?

Approximately one in four teenage girls between 13 to 17, according to research undertaken by the NSPCC in conjunction with Bristol University in 2009, revealed that these girls had experienced violence in their relationships.


40% of teenage girls would not end a relationship after experiencing violence against them. They also believed there were ‘justifiable’ reasons to being hit, such as infidelity.


In a 2009 NSPCC survey it revealed the following: A quarter of girls aged 13-17 reported experiencing intimate partner violence; one in nine girls had experienced severe physical violence; and almost three quarters of girls had experienced emotional abuse.


The statistics of violence against girls is alarming. Many parents are unaware that their daughters are going through the experience of violence in a relationship or that their sons are perpetrators of abuse, this is why work around prevention, empowerment and information is key for this generation and those to follow.


NB: Domestic violence and sexual exploitation can be within the same sex. Barnardos recently conducted a study on sexual exploitation. Read their findings here

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